Monday, August 23, 2010


Today is the first day of "pre-service" week at my school. It is such fun to see people you haven't seen all summer and to see the changes. Who got married, who is pregnant, who gained weight, who got a fabulous hair cut, etc. well, today was no different. I've seen lots of tanned and relaxed teachers and I am dying to find out what they did on their vacation. A few baby bumps are now evident, and that is always exciting. Lots of new haircuts, too. but I am most amazed at one of my friends; She got a fabulous new 'do (chopped off over a foot of hair), and is showing off her awesome weight loss! She had lost weight back in the spring, but kept it going this summer. Since last spring she has lost 40lbs! She says she needs to lose 20 more, but I don't know where she'll find them!

Summer (yes, that is her name) is my inspiration! She lost forty lbs in less time than I am planning on trying to lose mine. That gives me hope and TONS of inspiration.

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