Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

Here we are again at another weigh-in day! I have come to look forward to these days, instead of dreading them, which is a good thing!

It was a rough week for me and my family as we were sidelined by illness. Since last weigh in, I was only able to head to the gym 3 times, and only 2 of them counted towards this weeks challenge for Shrinkvivor. Thursday, on my way to the gym, I received a call from my older kids after school care- Sarah didn't feel good. That workout was out the window. Thursday evening my youngest came down with the stomach flu. I had to stay home from work with her on Friday. Saturday, I managed to hit the gym before my other 2 kids came down with the same stomach bug. Sat night, both my husband and I got sick as well. Monday, I had to work late and just couldn't squeeze in a workout, especially after my husband stayed home all day with the middle child who was still sick. Finally, yesterday I took the day off of work to take my husband for an endoscopy. after he was all done, I went to the gym and had an awesome workout! So, only 3 workouts this week and the stomach bug. I really wasn't sure what I'd find when I got on the scale this morning.

The challenges this week were just that-a challenge. I tried my best with the water, but obviously got sidelined there by other things. We continued with no fast food, and I managed to stick to that without a problem-we did do carry-out for dinner twice, but the first time, I got a salad when the others had pizza, and the second time was sushi- I don't' think those should count against me :). Getting 5 servings of fruit & vegetables was more difficult. On the days I could eat, I did ok. I had a lot of salads this week, but not as much fruit as I should have. I definitely know that I need to improve there.

The physical challenge this week was to do a mile (walking or running) as fast as we could. I typically do the bulk of my workout on the elliptical machine, so I was bummed out that I couldn't use that. I haven't run since who-knows-when. I have never thought of myself as someone who can run. This challenge has changed that. On Saturday, I decided to just run on the treadmill to see what I could do. after a 2 min fast walk, I ran for a half a mile with out stopping, then I walked for the next quarter mile and then ran again until I hit the mile mark. I managed to run/walk a mile in 14:01. I was pretty impressed with myself! Then yesterday, I did my usual elliptical workout and then headed to the treadmill, this time armed with the Couch25K app on my iPod Touch. I started it with a walk and then when it switched from the first run back to walk, I felt really good, so I decided to just keep running until I couldn't anymore. At one point I looked down at the display and realized that I had already surpassed the half-mile mark and I felt great! I just kept running, through all the bells telling me to walk or run again. I ended up running for a mile straight, without stopping!! I couldn't believe it. I did it in 12:40! Once I hit the mile, I started following the bells to walk and run and I ended up doing a total of 2 miles on the treadmill yesterday. Maybe I can be a runner. My hubby, who runs (not a lot, but is working towards a half marathon), has challenged me to do a 5K with him in the spring...I'm so excited!!

So here are the numbers:

Starting weight 187.2
Last week 184.0
This week 182.6
Loss this week 1.4
Total Loss 4.6

Fastest Mile 12:40 min

Water Challenge- I tried, but I'm sure I fell short
Fruits & Veggies- I averaged about 3-4 a day, I NEED to do better
Fast Food- Avoided, except for carry out (Salad & Sushi-which didn't stay with me by the way)


  1. With all you had going on you did terrific! Great time on you run and congrats on your loss this week!

  2. Sorry you and your family got plagued with illness but you did great this week! Congrats on the loss and the awesome mile time!

  3. You did great these week despite a rather challenging week. Way to go.

  4. You did terrific with quite a challenging week! (And great job on your time, too!)

  5. Sue, this post really brings tears to my eyes! I'm so proud of you for stepping outside of your box and giving running your ALL. I mean a 12:40 mile when you're not even a runner is AMAZING! And to be able to run a mile is AMAZING! You should be so proud!!!!

    I'm sorry to hear about all the illness. The fact that you still made it to the gym 3x is nothing short of a miracle in my opinion!

    Congrats on your loss!

  6. looking forward to a weigh-in is the best feeling! i'm so glad you do :) you had such a great loss this week!

  7. Despite the household illness, you did awesome!

    Here's my post:

  8. Great job working around all the obsticles this week!

  9. You had a great loss for being limited in what you could do....Illness usually kills all my efforts in a healthy lifestyle! That is an amazing time!! Sounds like you are a runner after all!! Beat my time by 2 minutes!!